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Da Costa A.R.T.

As a family, together with Shifra we went through an intensive process after the diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia.

After her death, my wish was born to grow products and market herbal tea / capsules, which could be a supplement to a diet for humans and animals.

I arrived at "the wonder tree" Moringa and the wholesome Graviola or soursop and Marva, which besides the healing effect is also very tasty.

I know from experience how difficult it is to find a fair product between everything that is offered. We have succeeded in realizing the plan to bring these products to the market exclusively for you.

Managed with care and harvested manually. The leaves are picked and dried in small quantities. We have developed our own production process to offer you the highest quality. Our teas are pure products and have not undergone any unnatural treatment.

da Costa A.R.T. (Amazon Rainforest Taste) started in 2014 on the coast of Suriname. Suriname is part of the Amazon rainforest of South America. Many contemporary products have their origins in the Amazon rainforest. Use of various indigenous products between Western and non-Western medicine. Part of the profit of our products goes to Shifra Children & Cancer Foundation. This foundation io.zal in collaboration with paediatricians, children with cancer in Surinam goarts in the complementary approach.


My slogan is: there is no dream that is too big to be reached.

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