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Canned Goods & Soups

La Costena
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The Chipotle pepper is a smoked red jalapeño pepper. It has the well-known smoked spicy taste that is suitable for many sauces and (BBQ) marinades. Indispensable in Mexican cuisine! Read more
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Sempio Gochujang hot pepper Paste. Read more
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Spicy paprika puree from Turkey. Read more
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Bisto original gravy grains. Only water needs to be added! Read more
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Canned large white corn kernels to make the dish Pozole! Read more
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Totole granulated mushroom bouillon enhances the mushroom flavor of dishes containing mushrooms. And it is the first choice of seasoning for people who pay attention to nutrition and health. Read more
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Campbell's is the world famous brand for canned soups. The Cream or Chicken makes a delicious hearty chicken broth, but it is also used in numerous other dishes. Read more
Ma Ling
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Luncheon meat is made from pork, herb extract, salt and sugar. It is similar to luncheon meat, only slightly coarser in texture. In Asia, luncheon meat is usually served warm. Ma Ling Premium Luncheon Meat comes in canned form with pork and ham. It is sim Read more
La Costena
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The Tomatillo is related to the tomato and is native to Mexico and Central America. One of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine! Read more
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Libby's pure canned pumpkin is a great option to easily and quickly create your own pumpkin pie at home. Read more
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Broth cubes for Pho Ga soup. Read more
Dona Maria
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Cut and boiled prickly Dona Maria Nopalitos Pear cactus shoots. Read more
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Dashi is a basic ingredient for many dishes in Japanese cuisine. This powdered dashi can be used as a base for Japanese dashi broth. Read more
La Costena
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You can use the jalapeño's fresh in salsas. Also, they are delicious in soups, stews or on pizzas and burgers. Read more
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Shelf-Stable Spicy Korean Kimchi. Read more
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Knorr Chicken Powder is made according to the traditional recipe, prepared with the authentic, sweet aroma of fresh chicken. Ideal for soups, sauces, marinades and stir-frying. Your dish will taste better with Knorr Chicken Powder, based on the original A Read more
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Produced with 100% beef. Delicious in both hot and cold dishes Read more
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Carey tomatillos are perfect for making Salsa Verde. Tomatillios are known as Spanish tomatoes and are used in a multitude of Mexican recipes. Read more
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A tasty chicken fat based broth made from real chicken stock and aromatic herbs. It is made with real chicken stock for an authentic taste. Perfect for making bases with a full flavor; soups, sauces, pies and stews or as an alternative to salt. Read more
Nature's Charm
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Vegan calamari made from mushrooms. Suitable for making tempura, baking, grilling or steaming! Read more
La Costena
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The Chipotle Pepper is a smoked red Jalapeno Pepper. It has the famous smoked spicy taste that is suitable for many sauces and marinades (BBQ). It is the signature flavor of the Mexican kitchen! Read more
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Sardines in tomato sauce, rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. Read more
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Chicken Bouillon stock for adding extra flavor to your dish. Read more