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Strawberry flavored twizzlers. Read more
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Always wanted to try Mexican sweets? Or are you already a big fan of the famous Mexican sweets? Then try the Tjin's Toko Mexican Candy Box now. Read more
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Sour candy drink, very popular on TikTok! Read more
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Nikkoh Japanese Jelly sticks with fruit flavour. 1 pack of 80g contains 5 Jelly Sticks. Read more
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Different fruit mochi in a bag! Read more
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Jelly Straws Jar. Read more
De la Rosa
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De La Rosa Spicy and salted tamarind pulp candy. Pulparindo is made from the pulp of the tamarind, they are delicious candies flavored with a combination of sugar, salt and chili peppers, making these delicious treats sweet, salty and spicy at the same ti Read more
White Rabbit
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The White Rabbit candies are well-known creamy milk candies from China with a toffee texture. The candy is known for its creamy texture and edible wrapper. Read more
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Lifesavers have been an iconic American hard candy brand since forever, you can taste Life Savers in five fun, fruity flavors: cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange and pineapple. Read more
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Sour Patch Kids is a deliciously soft and chewy sour candy, perfect for children and adults alike! Delicious fruity flavors meet the lip-wrinkling sour taste we all know and love! Perfect for sharing. The nice taste that starts sour and takes on candy whi Read more
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You can enjoy these Jawbreakers Mammouth for an extra long time. Inside you will find a large gumball! Read more
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40 pieces Vero Mango con Chilli lollipops Read more
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For the Takis lovers, there is now the Takis Fuego in lollipop form! Read more
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Not sure which snacks you want to try? Or do you want to treat your boyfriend / girlfriend to candy and chips from countries all over the world? Then try the Tjin's Toko World Treats Box now. Composed of our favorite sweets and snacks. Read more
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Sina ginger candies is a nutritious, healthy sweet that is suitable for the whole family at any time. Read more
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Soft Bubble Milk Tea Mochi Snack Read more
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Famous Mexican lollipop with mango flavor. Fold the lollipop into a smaller lollipop using the foil. For an extra twist you can fill and/or dip the lollipop in tajin. Read more
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Sweets with lychee flavor. Read more
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Looking for a rich and creamy snack? Enjoy some of these bite-sized candies with an unforgettable caramel taste. Kraft Caramels are an American classic straight from the Kraft candy kitchen, bringing you delicious sweets since 1940. Read more