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Country of origin
Country of origin
TRS Mung Dal, 500g
TRS Urid Dal, 500g
Valle Del Sole Yellow Split Peas, 900g
TRS Toor Dal, 500g
TRS Mung beans, 500g
Black Eye Beans, 900g
Valle Del Sole Green Split Peas, 350g
Black Beans, 1kg
Valle Del Sole Pigeon Peas, 900g
TRS Urid Dal Chilka, 500g
TRS Red Lentils, 500g
TRS Red Kidney Beans, 500g
Valle Del Sole Darkgreen Lentils, 350g
TRS Chick Peas, 500g
Valle Del Sole Urid Split with Husk, 900g
TRS Moong Dal Chilka, 500g
Valle Del Sole Adzuki Beans, 900g
Goya Black Beans, 500gr
Valle Del Sole Broad Beans, 900g