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Fresh & Frozen


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality of fresh and frozen products when shipped. Therefore these products are only available in our phyiscal store in Amsterdam.

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Country of origin
Country of origin
White Corn Tortillas, 30pcs
Blue Corn Tortillas, 30pcs
Tortillas Taquera, 30pcs
Lufo Pomtayer, 1kg
White Corn Tortillas, 15pcs
Goya Aji Amarillo Frozen, 500g
Poblano Chili Pepper
Blue Corn Tortillas, 15pcs
Happy Belly Gyoza Skin, 300g
Wakame Salad, 100g
Fresh Jalapeno Peppers
Jefi Dried Anchovy, 100g
Fresh Thai Basil, 100g
Shiso leaves, 15 pcs
Edamame, 400g
Batjauw, 400g
Bakkeljauw filet, 200g
Wakame Salad, 500g
Akaya Edamame Beans, 400g
Wang Kimchi Dumpling
Tjendrawasih Spekkoek Pandan, 700g
Tjendrawasih Spekkoek Original, 700g
Silken Tofu Soft, 290g
Lufo Zoutvlees, 1kg