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At Tjin's Toko we try to minimize food waste. The packaged products are often good for much longer than stated. Decide for yourself whether you want to give the discounted items a chance. Pay close attention to the expiration date!

Article code 2.G.3
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Based on traditional Indian relishes, with a mix of pickled cucumbers and cabbage with a mix of dill and slightly sweet flavors Read more
Article code 9.Q.4
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Japanese soft drink with Okashi galia melon flavour. Read more
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Chao Thai Instant Coconut Cream Powder is perfect for baking and instant mixing, this water soluble coconut cream powder has a fine powdery texture and an irresistibly rich coconut aroma. Add to cooking and baking for an extra dose of pleasure. Chao Thai' Read more
Article code 6.J.1
in stock
Pure sesame oil with a unique roasted flavor. Read more
Article code 3.P.4
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Authentic Mexican hot sauce. Use it on pizza, rice, vegetables, pasta, chips, popcorn, eggs, beans, seafood and meat! Read more
Article code 2.F.2
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Tabasco original red blends with every bite allowing our aged red peppers to amplify each flavour so you taste more of your favorite foods. Read more
Article code 3.F.2
in stock
Dried whole Cascabel chili peppers from Mexico. 100% natural. Read more
Article code 9.E.5
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Lipton Ceylonta Black Tea, 100 tea bags Read more
Article code 9.G.5
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Lipton Ceylonta Black Tea, 50 tea bags Read more
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MINH HA Foods provides the company with first-class authentic products. They choose the best fish for their products with their own fishing boats. Bun Thit Xáo package contains; Rice vermicelli, marinating mix, dipping sauce for 2 people for an authentic Read more
Lee Kum Kee
Article code 6.K.5
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Mayonnaise with Siracha Chilli. Read more
Article code 2.S.2
in stock
Reese's peanut butter and chocolate bar. Read more
out of stock
Article code 2.H.3
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Colman's cranberry sauce. Read more
in stock
Sage and onion stuffing for roasts and vegetables. Read more
Koon Chun
Article code 4.K.4
in stock
Chinese fermented black beans or tau-sie. This is widely used in Chinese cuisine to flavor dishes and sauces/marinades. Read more
Article code 2.P.4
in stock
WARNING! Extremely spicy Curry from Japan. Do you dare? Read more
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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal with mini churros. Read more
Article code 2.J.3
in stock
Guacamole seasoning mix. Read more
Article code 2.H.1
in stock
Colman's flavorful bread sauce. Read more
in stock
Goya corn tortillas made from nixtamized corn flour. Read more
Article code 2.C.2
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These delicious packs of Jell-O require minimal effort, they just need to be mixed with water and then refrigerated to set. They come in so many different appetizing colors and flavors so there is something to please everyone! Read more
in stock
Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise. Read more
Article code 6.O.4
in stock
Roasted peanuts. Read more