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La Costena

Conservas La Costeña was founded by Vicente López Resines in 1923. It all started when he bought a small grocery shop in Mexico City that was called “La Costeña”. The store became popular when Mr. López began storing and selling jalapeño peppers in 20 Kg jars filled with natural alcohol and vinegar so they would last longer. By 1937 La Costeña started its own jar company and this decision changed the future of the business.

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La Costena La Costena Guava Paste, 240g
La Costena Ate de Membrillo, 240g
La Costena Tamal Rojo, 110g
La Costena Tamal Verde, 110g
La Costena Salsa Macha, 260g
La Costena Salsa des Tres Chiles, 280g
La Costena Red Jalapeno Toreados, 220g
La Costena Whole Pinto Beans, 400g
La Costena Whole Jalapenos, 220g
La Costena Whole Jalapenos, 2.6kg
La Costena Whole Black Beans, 400g
La Costena Tomatillos, 820g
La Costena Tomatillos, 2.8kg
La Costena Sliced Jalapenos, 199g
La Costena Serrano peppers, 199g
La Costena Salsa Verde, 475g
La Costena Salsa Verde, 220g