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Khao Shong
Article code 7.K.2
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This snack has a strong wasabi flavor, not mild, so get ready. It's packed in a modern, strong, attractive tin can with resealable plastic top. Read more
Article code 6.O.1
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Roasted peanuts from Indonesia. Read more
Article code 6.A.1
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Bikano All in One is a mixture of legumes, grains, peanuts, dried fruit and potato sticks. It is deep fried and contains sweet and spicy flavours. Read more
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Enjoy the delicious combination of flavors with Snak Club Peanut Butter Chocolate Trail Mix. This trail mix is packed with nuts, chocolate chunks, and pretzels. Read more
Article code 5.A.5
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Bikano Shahi Mixture is a sweet and spicy mixture of peanuts, cashew nuts and raisins. Delicious as a drink snack. Read more
Article code 4.C.1
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A delicious mix of savory noodles, puffed rice and green peas, flavored with chili, turmeric, fennel seeds and cloves. Read more