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Food Boxes

We have put together various food boxes containing the best ingredients. For example, get started with one of the sushi boxes and make your own sushi. Our boxes are inspired by our diverse range, so there is something delicious for everyone! Get yourself such a nice food box or give it as a gift. It's the perfect gift for true foodies!

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With our Sushi Box you can make your own Sushi! This box contains all the essentials to make delicious sushi. In the box you will also find a tasty Japanese snack or drink! Read more
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Are you also a fan of the Samyang Ramen? Or do you want to give away a nice package as a gift? In this Samyang Variety Box you will find 9 different types of Samyang items! Read more
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No idea which snacks you want to try? Or do you want to treat your boyfriend/girlfriend to sweets and chips from countries all over the world? Then try the Tjin's Toko World Treats Box now. Composed of our favorite sweets and snacks. Read more
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Selected Mexican items to make your own tacos, taste traditional Mole and try spicy snacks. Read more
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20 pieces of instant noodles from various Asian countries. Read more
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Try out South Korean cuisine with the Tjin's Toko Taste of Korea Box. With this box you can try different South Korean dishes and snacks or give them as gifts! Read more