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Canned Meat

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Chinese Lap Cheong sausages are made from French pork. It contains five spices: Sichuan pepper, Chinese anise, Chinese cinnamon, cloves and fennel. Best enjoyed with Thai jasmine rice! Read more
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These Chinese Lap Cheong sausages are made from 100% French pork with sweet and salty flavours. This sausage is marinated with the famous Chinese rose liqueur Mei Kuei Lu, which gives it an extra perfumed aroma and a slightly more floral taste. Read more
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Produced with 100% beef. Delicious in both hot and cold dishes Read more
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Made from 100% beef, Boncuk sausage adds fun to social gatherings. Read more
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Chopped pork and ham. Read more
Ma Ling
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Luncheon meat is made from pork, herb extract, salt and sugar. It is similar to luncheon meat, only slightly coarser in texture. In Asia, luncheon meat is usually served warm. Ma Ling Premium Luncheon Meat comes in canned form with pork and ham. It is sim Read more
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Pamapol Golabki is a traditional Polish dish also known as "golumpki" or "cabbage rolls" in English. It is a popular comfort food and a classic of Polish cuisine. Read more