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Bubbletea is a very popular drink from Taiwan. The name of the drink says it all ... tea with bubbles!
Bubbletea is made from tea, milk (powder) and toppings for a bite. Nowadays you can also make the tea without milk and replace it with a fruity syrup. 

Wu Fu Yuan
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Wu Fu Yuan Color Tapioca Pearl is about the size of small marbles and has a strikingly chewy texture. The texture is very similar to Japanese mochi or gummy bears. Tapioca is the basis for a bubble tea drink. It is ideal for use in desserts and to make bu Read more
Chi Seng
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Black pearls made from tapioca starch, mainly used in boba tea or bubble tea. Read more
Wu Fu Yuan
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Also called bubbles or pearls. It is known as Boba Tea. A gluten-free starch extracted from the roots of a cassava plant. Ready in 5 minutes! Read more
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Excellent chewy and lightly sweetened tapioca pearls in for desserts and delicious in your Bubble Tea. (Milk tea) Read more
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Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha as hot tea and embodies a meditative spiritual style. Read more
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Sugar candy. Read more
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Instant Milk Tea with peach flavor. Read more
Master Kong
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Classic milk tea - original taste. Hong Kong style milk tea is a drink originating from Hong Kong and consists of black tea with condensed milk or condensed milk. This Mater Kong milk tea is a delicious combination of milk and tea, brewed with premium tea Read more
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Milk Tea - Afternoon tea been drunk by the English ever since the custom was first started by the Dutchess of Bedford in the mid 19th century Read more
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Loose Jasmine tea. Read more
3:15PM Milk Tea
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Milk Tea is simply tea with milk that provides a smoother and creamy taste. Now in handy sachets so that you can enjoy this delicious tea any time of the day. Read more
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Black sugar from Taiwan. Read more
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This black tea can be drunk straight from the bottle. With tea leaves grown in Sri Lankan, this slightly sweet, low calorie black tea is sure to refresh and cool you down on a hot day. Try it at room temperature or refrigerate for a Japanese version of a Read more
Cock Brand
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Tapioca (also known as Sago) is extracted from cassava and is a staple food in the West Indies, Inida and throughout South East Asia. Used for several savoury and pudding dishes and as a thickening agent. Read more
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Milk tea, add water and you're done! Read more
Anh Dang
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Coarse granulated sugar from Vietnam. Read more
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Guilinggao Jelly in Original Flavour Read more