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Chi Seng
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Black pearls made from tapioca starch, mainly used in boba tea or bubble tea. Read more
Famous House
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Taiwanese Banana Milk drink Read more
Famous House
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Taiwan Mango Milk, 340ml Read more
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Milk tea, add water and you're done! Read more
Master Kong
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Classic milk tea - original taste. Hong Kong style milk tea is a drink originating from Hong Kong and consists of black tea with condensed milk or condensed milk. This Mater Kong milk tea is a delicious combination of milk and tea, brewed with premium tea Read more
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Milk Tea - Afternoon tea been drunk by the English ever since the custom was first started by the Dutchess of Bedford in the mid 19th century Read more
3:15PM Milk Tea
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Milk Tea is simply tea with milk that provides a smoother and creamy taste. Now in handy sachets so that you can enjoy this delicious tea any time of the day. Read more