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Premium Mexican gourmet food!

Country of origin
Corn Husks, 35 pcs
Maseca Blue Corn Flour, 1kg
Maseca Corn Flour, 1kg
Maseca Tamales, 1kg
Salsa Macha Arbol, 250g
La Costena Nopalitos, 440g
San Miguel Organic Red Salsa, 450g
San Miguel Organic Salsa Verde, 450g
La Costena Cuitlacoche, 380g
Green Habanero Hot Sauce, 150ml
Chipotle Hot Sauce, 150ml
Red Habanero Hot Sauce, 150ml
Salsa de Chapulin, 250ml
Maseca Corn Flour, 2kg
Guanajuato Tortillas Raw Nachos with Nopal, 500g
Maseca Tamal Flour, 2kg
Corn Flour for Tortillas, 1kg