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Authentic Mexican tortillas!

Authentic Mexican Corn tortillas available in white, yellow and blue! Whether you want to make taco's, burritos, enchiladas or quesadillas we've got all types and sizes!

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Country of origin
Country of origin
Guanajuato Tortillas 15cm, 10st
Guanajuato Tortillas 12cm, 30st
Guanajuato Tortillas Buritto 30cm, 10st
Guanajuato Tortillas Raw Nacho Chips, 500g
Guanajuato Tortillas Raw Nachos with Nopal, 500g
Guanajuato Tortillas Raw Nachos with Chipotle, 500g
Guanajuato Tortillas Tostadas, 60pcs
White Corn Tortillas, 30pcs
White Corn Tortillas, 15pcs
Tortillas Taquera, 30pcs
Blue Corn Tortillas, 30pcs
Blue Corn Tortillas, 15pcs
Corn Flour for Tortillas, 1kg
Goya Wheat Tortillas, 8pcs