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Real Mexican tortillas

We have a large assortment of various Mexican pure corn and wheat tortillas. Try these ingredients for making quesadillas, burritos and tacos.

Tortillas are made from wheat flour and / or maize flour. In Mexico the corn tortillas are eaten mainly. This is the Real Deal! We have pure maistortillas of white, yellow or blue corn and also organic!

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Country of origin
Country of origin
Guanajuato Tortillas Raw Nacho Chips, 500g
€5,65 €2,99
White Corn Tortillas, 30pcs
White Corn Tortillas, 15pcs
Tortillas Taquera, 30pcs
Blue Corn Tortillas, 30pcs
Blue Corn Tortillas, 15pcs
Goya Wheat Tortillas, 8pcs
Naturelo Nixtamalised Blue Masa Harina, 1kg
Naturelo Nixtamalized White Masa Harina, 1kg