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Delicious, caffeine-free Hung Phat Tra Nghe Turmeric Tea is made from turmeric Read more
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Saigon is brewed with barley and rice. This gives it a beautiful clear golden color and a full white foam head. Read more
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Hanoi Beer (Vietnamese: Bia Hà Nội) is a beer brand from Hanoi Vietnam. Read more
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Vietnamese vodka, a favorite in and outside Vietnam. Read more
Trung Nguyen
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G7 is the world's best-tasting (never bitter) gourmet instant coffee, famous throughout Southeast Asia. G7 instant coffee is extracted directly from the coffee bean, which gives a better cup of coffee than conventional freeze-dried coffee crystals. Read more
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This is Saigon Special Beer from Vietnam. It has been Vietnam's most popular beer for many years. Read more