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Thai Ingredients

Bamboo Shoots Strips, 567g
Bamboo Shoots Sliced, 227g
Bamboo Shoots Strips, 227g
X.O. Tapioca Starch, 500g
X.O. Tamarinde Pitloos, 230gr
X.O. Palm Syrup, 250g
X.O. Palm Sugar White, 500g
X.O. Glutinous Rice Flour, 500g
X.O. Chilli Paste with Sweet Basil Leaves, 200g
X.O. Chilli Paste with Holy Basil Leaves, 200g
Valle Del Sole Baby Corn, 400g
Turmeric / Koenjit, 100g
TRS (Jeera) Ground Cumin, 100g
TRS Cumin Seeds, 100g
TRS (Dhania) Coriander Seeds, 100g
TRS Coriander Powder, 100g
Baby Corn, 425g
Thai Coriander, 100g
Rode Rawit
Por Kwan Chili Paste With Holy Basil, 200g