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Various dried corn, maize flour, miscellaneous beans, achiote pasta and pepper pastas. Try these ingredients to create your own authentic Mexican and Peruvian dishes.
Country of origin
Valle Del Sole White Plata Mais, 900g
Goya Amarillo Paste, 213g
Panela, 454g
Goya Aji Amarillo Frozen, 500g
Achiote Paste, 230g
Goya Aji Panca, 213g
Valle Del Sole Pigeon Peas, 900g
Goya Aji Rocoto, 213g
Intertropico Huacatay Paste, 212g
Goya Maiz Para Tostar, 500g
Valle Del Sole Red Hominy, 900g
Valle Del Sole Green Val Beans, 400g
Goya Cilantro Paste, 213g
Valle Del Sole Val Beans, 900g