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Essentials for Mexican cooking.

Country of origin
MiMole Mole Rojo, 340g
MiMole Mole negro, 340g
Sazon Natural Hominy Soup Seasoning, 60g
Sazon Natural Jalapeno Seasoning, 80g
Sazon Natural Chipotle Seasoning, 80g
Sazon Natural Ranchero Seasoning, 70g
Sazon Natural Fajita Seasoning, 66g
Sazon Natural Chile & Limon Seasoning, 90g
Sazon Natural Taco Seasoning, 60g
Epazote, 26g
Tajin Clasico, 142g
Achiote Paste, 230g
Mama Sita's Achiote Poeder, 10g
Lol Tun Achiote, 100g