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Fish Sauce

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Fish sauce alternative based on soy. Read more
Three Crabs
Article code 9.N.5
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Three Crabs premium fish sauce 683ml has a rich, full flavor. The Three Crabs Premium Fish Sauce is Viet Huong's original classic brand. It represents the purity and authentic taste that a premium fish sauce should have. Read more
Minh Ha
Article code 9.O.5
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Thanh Ha Fish Sauce 720 ml Vietnamese fish sauce is widely used in Southeast Asia as a flavor enhancer. Fish sauce is also called Nuoc Mam in Vietnamese and is made from anchovies. It tastes salty; usually used in Vietnamese, Thai or other Asian dishes. Read more
Minh Ha
Article code 9.P.4
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Premium Vietnamese fish sauce made from fresh anchovies. Read more
Article code 5.N.3
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This legendary Flying Lion Premium Fish Sauce has a balanced flavour that delivers an extraordinary smoothness and remarkable sweetness! Read more