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Caldos del Norte, S.L., is a family company with a long experience in the production of dehydrated products: stock powder, stock cubes, soups, creams, flans, custards, mousses, puddings, jellies.

Our products are commercialised in more than 60 countries from 4 continents, where they have a great acceptation given our great quality and very competitive prices.

We have available a wide product range for Food Service market and Retail market. In addition, we have the possibility to manufacture products under private label.

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Country of origin
Calnort Shrimp Bouillon Cubes, 360g
Calnort Beef Bouillon Powder, 1kg
Calnort Chicken Bouillon, 1kg
Calnort Chicken Bouillon Powder, 250g
Calnort Chicken Bouillon Cubes, 360g
Calnort Beef Bouillon Cubes, 360g