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Clemente Jacques

It was in the year of 1887 when the French businessman Don Clemente Jacques, after importing and marketing items as diverse as the classic lottery game, cards, beans, seeds and canned food, decided to establish the first food processing factory in Mexico, which became a pioneer of the canning industry in Latin America with its delicious jalapeño peppers, prepared with its unique recipe.

For the year 2002, the brand Clemente Jacques® joined the great Sabormex® family, a 100% Mexican company positioned among the first in the country, which is dedicated to the production and marketing of food and coffee.

Today, after more than 125 years of successful history, having Clemente on the table is like being next to a member of the new generation Jacques, who in addition to possessing all the knowledge and experience of this last name, is a great friend, Young and enterprising, with new ideas and always ready to understand the consumer, please him with his flavor and surprise him with new products.

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