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Dona Chonita

Dona Chonita was introduced into the Hispanic & Latin markets in 2000, as an innovative line of moles, broths and salsas for easy cooking. The primary objective of this new product line was to make cooking more practical for housewives, as well as obtaining the trust and satisfaction of their consumers. They strive to bring high quality products to Mexican families with the authentic flavors of Mexico, as well as facilitate the preparation of traditional dishes and make them available at an affordable price that is accessible to all of their consumers throughout the world.

Enjoy the delicious flavor of Mexican cuisine with Don Chonita and create mouthwatering dishes that are fast and simple to prepare. Backed up by more then a decade of experience, Dona Chonita brings authentic Mexican dishes right to your table. Delight your family and friends with the brands tasty products that include: adobo, green & red tomato broths, traditional and green mole, pipian, as well as salsas made from chipotle, guajillo and pasilla chilies.

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Country of origin
Dona Chonita Tomatillo Broth, 350g
Dona Chonita Salsa de Chile Pasilla, 350g
Dona Chonita Salsa Chipotle Pepper, 350g
Dona Chonita Pipian, 350g
Dona Chonita Salsa de Chile Guajillo, 350g
Dona Chonita Green Mole, 350g
€2,30 €1,00
Dona Chonita Adobo, 350g