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Isaak Fernandes started the legend in 1901 with the start of a small shop in Paramaribo - everything was sold there, but no Fernandes. It really started in the 1930s.

When Isaac's son Jules Fernandes was on the plane next to Coca-Cola representative Johny Walker in the 1930s, the two came to an historic deal. In Suriname, the Fernandes family becomes the exclusive bottler of the hugely popular Coca-Cola, an agreement that continues to this day.

In 1939, the Fernandes family decided to launch their own Frisdrank brand: Fernandes Softdrinks was born. Cherry Bouquet was the first taste and is still the most popular.

After Jule, René and Jack Fernandes took over the toko and expanded the empire with even more unique flavors. In the 40s the flavors Cream Ginger and Golden Orange were created and in the 1950s the hugely popular Green Punch. How the flavors are made, however, is still a well-preserved family secret. A family secret that also remained secret for a while in the Netherlands - in the beginning Fernandes was only available in Suriname.

It was not long before many people took the classic glass bottles to the Netherlands - so much so that a shortage arose in Suriname. In the seventies, the most colorful soft drink in the world officially moved to the Netherlands to build a second home and a new flavor was born: Super Pineapple.

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Fernandes Pineapple, 330ml
Fernandes Green Punch, 330ml
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