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Jane's Krazy

Starting out simply as Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt, we now offer flavors such as Krazy Mixed-Up Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Lime Pepper, and an array of seasonings along with popcorn and kettle chips!

If a tiny white-haired, delightfully wacky grandmother stops you in the supermarket, talking “krazy” salt, relax and listen. You haven’t a chance to escape – it’ll be Jane. She can’t resist meeting people and selling salt,” wrote Frank Trenery in the biography of Jane Semans.

Jane’s Story began in a modest kitchen in a small apartment in Overbrook, PA. She was a rosy cheeked grandmother-type, busily mixing batches of salt, pepper, herbs and a few secret ingredients to make her cooking go a little faster and make gifts for friends and relatives. Her energy and zest for life helped her turn her hobby into an international food sensation.

Jane told the World News, Roanoke VA in 1971, “I don’t feel anyone should actually retire, but should keep busy meeting people. When you start a business at sixty like I did, you realize that age is not important. It’s the enthusiasm.”

Jane was a one-woman marketing machine. When she wasn’t buttonholing customers right in the supermarket, she’d be approaching mom and pop delicatessens and making sure her seasonings were seen and tasted. The unstoppable Jane toured the country and the world demonstrating and telling everyone about her salt.

Because of the demands of Jane’s loyal fans who wouldn’t think of eating without her delicious seasoning, we have grown over the last thirty years. 

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Country of origin
Jane's Krazy Sweet Lime Pepper, 71g.
Jane's Krazy Lemon Pepper, 71g
Jane's Krazy Steakhouse Seasoning, 114g
Jane's Krazy Mixed-up Salt Original 113g
Jane's Krazy Mixed-up Pepper, 71g
Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Greek Seasoning, 142g
Jane's Krazy Garlic Seasoning, 135g
Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Basil Seasoning, 142g