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Lekker Bekkie

Lekker Bekkie® is the brand name under which we have been offering special Surinamese food for more than 20 years. Actually, the history of our family business goes much further back, to be precise in Suriname we were already around 1977 already active in herbs and spices including the popular Surinamese Masala Curry powder. LekkerBekkie delivers the best quality, products from carefully selected fresh ingredients. That is our mission, it is not about the cheapest but about quality. These products are prepared exclusively for Exotic Quality Food Netherlands by Sharroy Food Suriname. We are mainly specialized in Marinades, Chutneys, Sambals and exotic syrups.

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Country of origin
Lekker Bekkie Vegetarische Pindasambal, 200g
Lekker Bekkie Roti Sambal Tomaat, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Pommisitair Chutney, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Orgeade Siroop, 500ml
Lekker Bekkie Mango Chutney, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Madame Jeanette Piccalilly, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Lemmetje Chutney, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Javaanse Sambal, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Gekruide Ketjap, 290ml
Lekker Bekkie Dawet Siroop, 500ml