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Marine Resources Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 by the professionals possessing decades of experience in fish sauce and seasoning sauces. Our experienced team with the perfect combination of experienced professional masters and young enthusiastic experts will provide customers the premium, natural, and healthy products.

Megachef products are created using well-selected and finest quality ingredients only. 
The freshness and supremacy of each ingredient contribute to the excellencies of tastes. 
Besides, by using the most natural ingredients as possible, Megachef provides you the healthiest condiments with the cleanest flavours.  
‘Original ingredients lead to Authentic tastes’

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Megachef Premium Oyster Sauce, 240ml
Megachef Premium Fish Sauce, 500ml
Megachef Premium Fish Sauce, 200ml
Megachef Premium Anchovy sauce, 700ml
Megachef Premium Anchovy Sauce, 200ml
Megachef Oyster Sauce, 600g
Megachef Gluten Free Soy sauce, 500ml
Megachef Gluten Free Soy Sauce, 200ml