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Prima Taste

The birth of Prima Taste was the result of a courageous belief in the popularity of Singapore food, the passion to deliver authentic easy-to-prepare Singapore cuisine without compromise, the spirit of innovation to venture where none have gone before and the drive to overcome difficult challenges.

Passionate about food, Primus Cheng (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Prima Ltd) was concerned that the food he knew and loved would disappear in another generation or two due to busier lives and changing life aspiration of hawkers and their children. In 1999, long before anyone else, Primus saw the need to preserve and make Singapore cuisine accessible and convenient to Singaporeans and people all over the world.

Primus was unwavering in his passion and commitment to ensure that his food creations was authentic as the hotly sought after favourites from the best-selling stalls across Singapore. Primus and his team worked meticulously to unravel the hidden culinary secrets behind popular Singapore hawker dishes and to find a way to replicate them faithfully.

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Prima Taste Premium La Mian Non-Fried Noodle, 340g
Prima Taste Wholegrain Laksa, 185g
Prima Taste Laksa La Mian, 185g
Prima Taste Fish Soup La Mian, 154g
Prima Taste Curry La Mian, 178g
Prima Taste Chilli Crab La Mian, 160g