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S&W® has been bringing freshness and flavour to homes since 1896 – when three grocery wholesalers, Samuel Sussman, Gustav Wormser, and Samuel Wormser, founded S&W® in San Francisco, a city that was just beginning to bloom near Northern California’s luscious valleys and fertile orchards.

S&W® has since grown from a simple idea to a household name worldwide for quality, taste, and convenience. In order to get the juiciest fruits and most nutritious vegetables, S&W® brought together the ripe-friendliest conditions. Working with Mother Nature to nourish the produce with the right amount of nutrients, sunshine, and rainfall, and working with the best planters and harvesters, to provide ample attention, care, and consideration, ensure that S&W® brings only the best to consumers. That is what makes S&W® products obsessively good.

S&W® is proud of its founders’ mission and tradition that remains unchanged – bringing premium food, dressings, and sauces into homes all over the world.

In late 2007, S&W® Fine Foods International was acquired by Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL), bringing together two leaders of quality canned food.