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Zena Exotic Fruits SA  is one of the jewels and leaders in Senegal’s food sector. It is distinguished by its dynamism in the processing of local fruits and vegetables. Each year, the company turns nearly 900 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables into all natural jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit butters, syrups, drinks and nectars, pepper sauces… 

 Founded in 1986, the family owned production facility has recently transitioned its market focus from domestic sales to global exports under its new generation of management. Between 2011-2014,  Zena Exotic Fruits’ production and distribution of processed fruit products has grown nearly 40 % with new markets in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Canada. A socially responsible company, Zena  Exotic Fruits gives preferential employment opportunities to women, youth, and people with disabilities. Nearly 90% of its employees are women and it has developed special training and production processes to employ people who are hearing impaired or deaf.  Zena Exotic Fruits continues to work with the Government of Senegal to improve corporate engagement in communities’ social well-being. 

The ZENA brand represents reliable, high quality, all natural foods produced by a socially responsible, owned by a family, and run by a woman. We have developed national and international markets by providing authentic, natural, and flavorful products that are 100% African. We are especially proud to be the first company in Senegal to export to the American market under AGOA.

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