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Sakura Season

Here you will find a special selection of products inspired by the Japanese Sakura.

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Article code 9.O.4
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Article code 9.P.2
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Carbonated Japanese soft drink with Sakura Cherry blossom flavour! Read more
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Different fruit mochi in a bag! Read more
Article code 2.P.4
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Individually wrapped Japanese strawberry gummy made from real fruit juice. Read more
Article code 6.V.1
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Sweet biscuit snacks with strawberry chocolate flavour. Read more
Article code 9.F.5
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Starwberry flavoured daifuku mochi. Read more
Yume Nishiki
Article code 8.U.5
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Japanese short grain rice. Read more
Article code 2.R.5
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Glico chocolate Pocky are delicious, airy stick-shaped cookies covered with a strawberry flavored chocolate glaze. Read more
Loves Flower
Article code 5.G.5
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Strawberry Mochis from Taiwan. Read more
Article code 9.P.2
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Kit Kat strawberry flavored chocolate. Read more
Article code 9.C.4
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Sparkling alcoholic drink with a fresh floral flavor. Read more
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Premium Junmai sake with the original taste of the rice. Read more
Article code 9.B.5
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Super premium-grade short-grain sushi rice. Made from the Koshihikari rice grain. Produced in Italy. Read more