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Rice cake slices or tteokguk-tteok in Korean are ideal for ttteok-ramen and pasta as an alternative to wheat flour pasta. Packaged in 3 bags. Read more
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Super simple Instant Toppikki. Remove the herbs and the rice cake from the packaging and place them in the cup. Add water and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir well and enjoy! Read more
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A ready-to-use home kit to easily make Tteokbokkie at home. Read more
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This finely ground gochugaru (red pepper powder) from Nongshim forms a good spice base for various delicious Korean dishes, such as kimchi, tteokbokki and bulgogi. The pepper powder is medium spicy. Read more
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Tteokbokki is an iconic Korean after-school treat characterized by soft ricecakes in a spicy and tangy sauce that everyone loves. Read more
Chang Li Sheng
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The rice sticks are an essential ingredient for the Korean tteokbokki (topokki) dish. Use the Rice Cake sticks as an ingredient for Hot Pot or make delicious Chinese Rice Cake soup.   Read more