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Aroy-D showcases an extensive line of Asia’s most popular cooking ingredients, available for sale at your local Asian and mainstream supermarkets.
 Aroy-D specialize in Canned Foods, Sauces & Pastes, Beverages, Condiments, Pickled & Preserved and Frozen Desserts.

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Country of origin
Country of origin
Aroy-D Green Curry Paste, 400g
Aroy-D Organic Coconut Milk, 1L
Aroy-D Coconut Cream, 1L
Aroy-D Young Green Jackfruit in Brine, 550ml
Aroy-D Young Coconut Meat in Syrup, 440g
Aroy-D Thai Hom Mali Rice 4,5kg
Aroy-D Red Curry Soup, 400g
Aroy-D Red Cargo Rice, 1kg
Aroy-D Rambutan, 530ml
Aroy-D Papaya, 565g
Aroy-D Original Coconut Milk, 500ml
Aroy-D Original Coconut Milk, 250ml
Aroy-D Original Coconut Milk, 150ml
Aroy-D Original Coconut Milk, 1L
Aroy-D Organic Coconut Milk, 400g
Aroy-D Mango Slice in Syrup, 400ml
Aroy-D Longan in Syrup, 565g
Aroy-D Jackfruit in Syrup, 565g
Aroy-D Aroy-D Guava in Syrup, 533ml
Aroy-D Green Curry Soup, 400ml
Aroy-D Aroy-D Cream of Coconut Pina Colada, 400ml
Aroy-D Aroy-D Coconut Milk, 165ml