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KTC is a story of real success and innovation. Founded in 1972 the company continues to grow and is still an independently owned family business today.Sourced from around the globe, our product range contains everything from oils and fats, to pulses, lentils, rice and pasta, flours and coatings and our 100% pure coconut oils.

KTC started distributing a few containers a year and today supplies over 250 million litres a year of high quality cooking oils to all sectors of the food industry. KTC is also known for its broad range of world food products, sourced from around the globe and distributed to manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in the UK and worldwide. 

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KTC Pure Coconut Oil, 500ml
KTC Pure Coconut Oil, 250ml
KTC Palm Oil, 500ml
KTC Mustard Oil, 250ml
KTC Jasmine Oil, 250ml
KTC Almond Oil, 200ml