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Sushi Essentials

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Aged for more than three years in wooden barrels, this vinegar offers soft aromas and an incomparable umami taste. It is reminiscent of balsamic vinegar. Read more
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Furikake Wakame is a Japanese seasoning made from dried wakame seaweed, roasted sesame seeds and other herbs such as bonito flakes. Read more
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Japanese herbs with Umeboshi (pickled plum) and shiso leaves. Used to add flavor and nutrition to rice and other dishes. Read more
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This soy sauce is mixed with yuzu juice and kombu to reduce the acidity and to give it a smoother taste. Read more
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Five different types of furikake flavors with fun Hello Kitty packaging. Read more
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Creamy mayonnaise with a rich umami flavor. It is often used in Japanese cuisine, such as in sushi, okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes) and as a sauce for various dishes. Read more
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Akitakomachi rice is similar to koshihikari rice, it is slightly less sticky. Akitakomachi rice is highly prized in Japan for the way it shines after cooking, with a subtle aroma and a distinctive taste. Read more
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Koshihikari rice is ideal for making sushi because of its short grains and higher stickiness compared to other types of rice. In Japan, this type of rice is known for its superior quality. Read more
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This organically grown rice is suitable for making sushi because it is short grained. It needs more water to make the rice sticky. Read more
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Tuna flakes that have been dried and smoked. It is used to prepare dashi fish stock or sprinkled over sushi and rice for extra flavor. Read more
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Kuki sesame oil enriches Japanese and Chinese dishes thanks to the round and intense flavor of roasted sesame. Read more
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Japanese mayonnaise that goes great on sandwiches, sushi, hot snacks and so much more! Read more
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Kotobuki Sushi Rice to make sushi dishes at home. Read more
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With our Sushi Box you can make your own Sushi! This box contains all the essentials to make delicious sushi. In the box you will also find a tasty Japanese snack or drink! Read more
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This rice vinegar from Otafuku has a mild and rich taste. You can use this vinegar for preparing many dishes from Japanese cuisine. Read more
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With this high-quality brown rice, only the inedible part of the grain is removed during milling. Brown rice is more digestible and rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamin B, iron, magnesium and potassium. Read more
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This premium sushi rice vinegar is made to flavor the rice used in sushi preparation. It can also be used for salad seasoning or to make pickles. Read more
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Rice vinegar is the most common vinegar in Japan and is used in many dishes. This organic pure rice vinegar, is made of organic "Akitakomachi" rice, using a 80 years old process. The water in this vinegar is pure mountain water. Read more
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Roasted seaweed sheets are indispensable when making maki and sushi. Read more
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Japanese seasoning Furikake with red shiso seasoning for over rice, sushi or soups. Read more
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Japanese rice seasoning with seaweed and sesame, for Onigiri and other rice dishes. Read more
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Red ginger strips in vinegar. Read more
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Ready-made sushi vinegar. Read more
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Premium wasabi paste for your favorite sushi dishes. Read more