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Yuzu has a strong and complex scent, somewhere between mandarin and lemon. It is combined with sugar and apple cider vinegar, which add sweetness and freshness to the syrup. Read more
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In Japan, drinking vinegars are popular for their health benefits. Read more
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Bakasco is a mellow and refreshing hot sauce that combines yuzu juice and kaki vinegar to chili pepper while preserving the flavor of each ingredient. Read more
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Dried yuzu peels with salt. This combination is used at high cooking temperatures because the yuzu can retain the lemon flavor and aroma. Read more
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Yuzu is a tasty and yellow Japanese citrus fruit. Yuzu powder can be used in a variety of dishes, salads and desserts. Read more
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Ponzu is a much appreciated sauce used all over Japan thanks to its refreshing yet deep flavor, rich in umami. It combines soy sauce, dashi stock and a Japanese citrus. A small amount of vinegar or mirin is often added. Read more
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Yuzu is a flavorful and yellow Japanese citrus of about 100g in between tangerine and citron. This powder was obtained through spray-drying yuzu juice and was made by our citruses grower located in Tokushima, an area well-known for its high quality citrus Read more
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Roasted sesame, perfumed with yuzu and Japanese citrus has a subtle fragrance of mandarin and lemon. It will bring color and crispiness to your dishes. Read more
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Yuzu is a yellow Japanese citrus. You can use it in your dishes or eat it as candy. Read more
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Yuzu kosho is a paste of chili and kabosu (Japanese citrus fruits). In Japan it is popularly eaten in miso soup or with sashimi. It is an excellent seasoning. Read more
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Black yuzu kosho is a chili and yuzu (Japanese citrus) paste, it has a beautiful black colour thanks to bamboo charcoal and offers a beautiful balance between green chili and fresh yuzu, Read more
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Ponzu is a very popular and widely used sauce in Japan.  It combines soy sauce, dashi and a Japanese citrus. Often, it also includes a little bit of vinegar or mirin. Read more
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Discover an original yuzu flavored oil. Yuzu is a small Japanese citrus with a complex and subtle flavor in between mandarin and citron. It is very much appreciated for its powerful juice. Read more
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Yuzu is a yellow Japanese citrus fruit. This unpasteurized yuzu juice retains all the properties and the taste of fresh yuzus.  Read more
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This liquid yuzu kosho is more easy to use in some dishes because it is thinner then normal yuzu kosho. Also, it tastes more fresh as well! Read more
Misho Yuzu
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Wild yuzu juice comes from wild yuzu trees and gives a more intense and sweet juice then regular yuzu. Read more
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Kasugai Yuzu gummies contain the natural flavor of yuzu. These gummies have the sourness and scent of yuzu. Read more
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Ramune Soda is a well-known carbonated soft drink in Japan. Ramune means 'lemonade'. Read more
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Tonami Yuzu Kosho, 50 grams. Chili pepper with lemon (yuzu). Used for many types of Japanese dishes such as nabemono, udon, miso, sashimi, tempura and yakitori. Read more
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Yuzu is a sour Japanese citrus fruit, used both for its juice and its aromatic rind. Use to add zest to Yakitori and other meat dishes or seafood dishes. Read more
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Concentrated juice from Japanese yuzu fruits. Read more