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Essentials for Indonesian cooking.

Country of origin
Wayang Gula Jawa, 250g
Bamboo Shoots Strips, 567g
Bamboo Shoots Sliced, 227g
Bamboo Shoots Strips, 227g
X.O. Tamarinde Pitloos, 230gr
X.O. Palm Syrup, 250g
X.O. Palm Sugar Paste, 270g
Purified Tamarind (Assem), 325g
Turmeric / Koenjit, 100g
TRS Turmeric Powder, 100g
TRS Extra Hot Crushed Chillies, 100g
TRS Chilli Powder Extra hot, 100g
TRS Bay Leaves, 30g
TRS (Jeera) Ground Cumin, 100g
TRS Cumin Seeds, 100g
TRS (Dhania) Coriander Seeds, 100g
TRS Coriander Powder, 100g
Tempeh, 397g
Tahoe, 450g