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Dried Stuffs

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Article code 5.J.2
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Dried Chinese mushrooms in strips. Read more
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Dried Chinese Shiitake mushrooms. Read more
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Dried Mandarin peel from Golden Lily Read more
Koon Chun
Article code 4.K.4
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Hop Tai Hong
Article code 6.I.1
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Chan pei mui is a traditional Chinese sweet. It is a fruit candy, looks brown / black soft and chewy with a strong citrus peel taste. Read more
Article code 6.G.2
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Dried boxthorn or wolfberry fruit is widely used for Chinese medicinal soups and teas. It is also known as goji berry. Read more
Article code 6.B.1
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Dried black fungus is an edible dried black mushroom. Often used in Asian cuisine Read more