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TonS Mustard & Heerlijkheden is a traditional mustard and sauces maker. Ton has been producing various delicious products for every bon vivant since 1978. Who does not like good food? That certainly includes a sauce from Ton. Delicious and pure nature, because TonS products do not contain any added fragrances, colors or flavors. Ton loves real seasonings and does not use thickener or binding agents in his mustard or majoneis. E numbers and other additions are also not included in the assortment. Many of the sauces, such as Belze Majoneis, are even sugar-free produced. All sauces are made with 100% solar energy. You can enjoy yourself and at the same time helps to keep the world clean.

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Country of origin
Ton's Vrouwen Mosterd, 150g
Ton's Spaanse Majoneis, 330ml
Ton's Franse Majoneis, 330ml
Ton's Belze Majoneis, 330ml