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Crunchy Heat: The Irresistible world of Crispy Chilli Oil

26 Mar 2024

Crispy Chili Oil is a popular seasoning in Chinese cuisine. It usually consists of chili peppers, garlic, Sichuan peppercorns and various spices steeped in hot oil. The "crispy" aspect comes from the addition of crispy fried garlic or shallots, which add both texture and flavor to the oil. By heating different herbs in hot oil, the oil gets a unique taste.

The crispy chilli oil is often used as a seasoning or flavor enhancer in dishes such as noodles, rice dishes, dumplings, stir-fries and soups. It adds spiciness, depth of flavor and a satisfying crunch to dishes, making it a versatile and beloved ingredient in many Asian cuisines. Curious about our Lao Gan Ma crispy chilli oil fried rice? View the recipe here

Nowadays, the crispy chilli oil can not only be found on the table, but the spicy condiment is also added as a topping on ice cream, as a hotpot base and even as an ingredient for cookies!

At Tjin's Toko we have several types of crispy chilli oil in our range.

Lao Gan Ma: An icon in the world of chili oils, Lao Gan Ma is known for its deep, complex flavor. Lao Gan Ma means in Chinese: Old Godmother, founded by Tao Huabi from China.

Featuring the signature red label and image of Tao Huabi, Lao Gan Ma offers a chilli oil collection of crunchy chilli flakes, fermented soybeans and peanuts, all brought together in a flavourful oil. This chili oil is not just an addition to meals; it is an essential ingredient that brings depth and intensity, making it a must-have in the kitchen. Lao Gan Ma has a chilli oil line with various variations. Read the different types here

La Lia Crispy Chilli oil, A delicious Crispy Chilli Oil produced in Amsterdam. It is based on an authentic family recipe to which a delicious crunch has been added with buckwheat. This Crispy Chili Oil is delicious with all your dishes to give it an extra kick of flavor. No GMOs, MSGs, colourants, additives or flavorings are added to La Lia Crispy Chili Oil. Furthermore, this Chili Oil is 100% natural and vegan.

Chilli Chan's chili oil is also Amsterdam produced and infused with lots of aromatic spices and chunks of roasted garlic. Chilli Chan's founder Eyan uses the recipe from her Taiwanese mother who had it on the table since she was a child. Chilli Chan's mission is to bring the tastiest Chinese flavors to the table without preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers.

Lee Kum Kee's Chiu Chow Chili Oil is a popular seasoning made by the Lee Kum Kee company, known for its range of high-quality Chinese sauces and condiments. Chiu Chow (or Chaozhou) is a city in Guangdong Province, China, known for its distinct cuisine, which often includes spicy and flavorful spices.

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