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Western Africa

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Okra (or Gombo) powder is used as a thickener in soups and sauces or as an ingredient in spice mixes. It is mainly used in Africa and the Middle East. Read more
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This Praise Cocoyam Fufu Flour is traditionally used to make fufu, a West African side dish served alongside soups and stews. Read more
Heritage Afrika
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Shito pepper sauce can spice up even the simplest dishes. The spicy Ghanaian hot pepper sauce has a strong and smoky taste with a kick of chili. Read more
Heritage Afrika
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West African spice mix for Tilapia (fish). Read more
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Palm oil is vegetable oil that is mainly extracted from the fruits of the oil palm. Palm oil contains a high percentage of saturated fats and anti-oxidants. With this versatile product you can bake the tastiest dishes! Read more
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Milo instant chocolate powder for a chocolate beverage is made complete with water and skimmed milk. Read more
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Strong ginger ale from Ghana. Resolve in water and enjoy! Read more
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One of our favorite ginger drinks. Bella's Ginger drink is not too sweet, as many ginger sodas are. A perfect blend of African ginger, herbs, lime and sugar. Read more