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Premium cooking sauces in Asian cuisine

Koon Chun uses only Canadian non-GM soybeans for all bean-based products (soy sauce and spices). The sauces are prepared in a natural way according to a family recipe: during the fermentation process, fermented in the sun for months, and free from additional chemicals and preservatives. Sauces are then pasteurized and packaged using modern automated equipment and in a hygienic and clean environment, maintaining product quality and consistency. 

  • Naturally sun fermented
  • NON GMO soybeans
  • No added flavor enhancers and preservatives
  • Halal certified
  • Traditional company and produced in Hong Kong


Article code 7.A.4
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This Kikkoman Soy Sauce Less Salt is the perfect choice because it contains 43% less salt while keeping the original taste intact. Read more
Lee Kum Kee
Article code 6.H.3
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This perfectly balanced sweet vinegar sauce is ideal for preparing authentic Shanghainese-style sticky spare ribs. Also delicious with other meat and noodles in the stir-fry or as a dipping sauce for snacks. Read more
Lee Kum Kee
Article code 6.L.4
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Guilin Chili Sauce enriches the taste of dishes. Add it to steamed buns or soft tofu. It is suitable for cold, fried or steamed dishes. Read more