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Article code 5.B.5
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Dried white fungus. Read more
Article code 8.G.5
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Vegetable meat substitute for duck based on gluten. Read more
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Preserved shredded mustard stalks with Sichuan chili. Read more
Article code 4.K.1
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Guilinggao Jelly, original taste. Read more
Wu Fu Yuan
Article code 6.P.1
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Wu Fu Yuan Color Tapioca Pearl is about the size of small marbles and has a strikingly chewy texture. The texture is very similar to Japanese mochi or gummy bears. Tapioca is the basis for a bubble tea drink. It is ideal for use in desserts and to make bu Read more
Geisha Brand
Article code 7.Q.2
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Mackerel in tomato sauce Read more
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Cooking Wine (Dessert) fermented glutinous rice Read more
Yu Jia Xiang
Article code 8.B.2
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Baked Dace with Salted Black Beans is made from baked dace seasoned with salted black beans, soy sauce, cinnamon, and star anise. Read more
Wing Wing
Article code 6.J.2
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Chinese style pork sausage Read more
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Lao Gan Ma
Article code 6.I.2
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This product consists of cubes of tofu that have been preserved in cooking wine and other seasonings. Beancurd, also called fermented tofu, fermented bean curd, lufu, rufu, or sufu, is a form of processed, preserved tofu. It is a highly addictive and rich Read more
Article code 6.H.3
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Red Sichuan Peppercorns. Read more
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Fermented bean curd. Read more
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Article code 6.H.4
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whole straw mushrooms Read more
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Po-Ku whole mushrooms Read more
Mee Chun
Article code 5.B.4
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Salted black beans are a flavoring most popular in the cuisine of China, where they are most widely used for making black bean sauce dishes Read more
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Fermented brown mustard cabbage in sour. Read more
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Dried Bean Curd Sticks are used in the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine. These Bean curd sticks are firstly soaked in water before preparing it in stews or soups. Read more
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Muk-Yi Dried White Back Fungus. Read more
Article code 6.T.3
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Red dates are also known as a jujube. The red dates are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Read more