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Hi! How nice that you are going to discover the Taste of Korea. This box is carefully composed by Tjin's Toko. Below you can see all the products in your box.

Most of these products are usable for a variety of dishes including dishes outside of the Korean kitchen. For example, you can use it in your Hot Pot or in your favorite Oriental stir-fry dishes.

Sempio Hot Pepper Paste, 500g

Hosaku Sweet Potato Starch Noodle, 500g

Sempio BBQ Bulgogi Sauce, 75g

Chapagetti, 140g

Chang Li Sheng Rice Cake Sticks, 500g

Topokki Sauce, 180g

Roasted Kimchi, 160g

Sempio Korean Japchae Sauce, 60g

Oh Aik Guan Sesame Oil, 150ml

Dol Gim Roasted Seaweed, 20g

Foreway White Sesame Seeds, 100g

Pepero Chocolate & Biscuit Sticks, 54g