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Mackays was founded in 1938 by the Mackay Brothers. Today, owned by the Grant family and based in Scotland, we’re proud of our heritage and authentic products.

All our strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants are sourced from the berry fields of eastern Scotland. Soft fruit from Scotland is considered to be some of the best in the world as the temperate climate allows crops to be grown for longer, resulting in stronger flavours.

Our marmalades are made using fresh, whole oranges sourced only from Seville, Spain; home of the world’s best bitter oranges. We use both bitter oranges (the traditional marmalade orange) and sweet oranges in our marmalades, to create a wide range of products, to suit all tastes.

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Country of origin
Mackays Seville Orange Marmelade, 340gr
Mackays Scottish Strawberry Preserve, 340g
Mackays Orange Marmelade Whisky, 340g
Mackays Orange Marmelade Champagne, 340g
Mackays Lime Curd, 340g
Mackays Lime & Lemon Curd, 340g
Mackays Lemon Curd 340g
Mackays Ginger Preserve, 340g
Mackays Fig Preserve, 340g
Mackays Cranberry Sauce, 235g