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Mee Chun

Over 85 years of experience in making of the traditional Chinese Soy Sauce. By means of the original "NATURALLY BREWED" method. We export our products mainly to North, Central & South America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Caribbean Sea Islands, West Indies, South Pacific Islands & S.E. Asia.

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Mee Chun Salted Black Bean, 250g
Mee Chun Red Vinegar, 500ml
Mee Chun Plum Sauce, 200ml
Mee Chun Hoisin Sauce, 200ml
Mee Chun Ground Bean Sauce, 250g
Mee Chun Best Soy Sauce, 500ml
Mee Chun Best Soy Sauce, 250ml
Mee Chun 5 Spice Mix, 50g